Efficient Ways to Protect the Interests of our Clients

Since its establishment in 2003, the Law bureau “Sotrudnichestvo” (Cooperation) has acquired considerable experience in dealing with numerous legal cases and assignments.

After receiving each customer’s order and understanding their requirements, the partners and lawyers in our office find creative solutions to the most complex and difficult situations, while paying particular attention to the concerns of the clients and individuals involved, and working efficiently to reach successful outcomes.

16 Years of Experience The Bureau was established in 2003 in accordance with the law “On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation”.
Solving complex legal problems, consulting with clients, together with continuous training and a highly professional level of service are what makes the Law Firm “Sotrudnichestvo”.

Law of contract

Most judicial contests appear under ‘discharge of contract’. It is essential to observe the balance of interests for both parties. The contract should be made according to the letter of the law.

Our bureau offers an intricate set of legal services in respect to contract law:

  • Formation, framing, review of contracts and agreements, contract structure, deal structuring, handling responsibility mechanisms and treaty engagements, support of parties;
  • Assessment of agreement advice;
  • Formulating and drawing up contracts;
  • Formation and regulations adoption (provisions) in connection with the establishment and performance of contracts and agreements with counterparties;
  • Claim settlement with respect to disputes and differences in the processes and procedures concerning the performance of the contract.

Land Legislation

Russian law requires the registration and intended use of each specific plot of land. When the purpose is business development, or there is a change in land usage, a permit must be obtained indicating the objective or reason for the change. Any unauthorized construction on a site, together with constructions that are not fit for purpose, can lead to serious financial and legal consequences. It should be noted that often permits for land usage are administered by the local authorities. For this reason, the requirements for obligatory documentation and details of the permitting procedures may frequently change.

Our lawyers regularly take part in supporting these processes, preparation for altering categories of land, representing clients to the authorities and government institutions in order to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. In addition, if necessary, our specialists will assist in the preparation of all missing documentation required for the accurate registration of land rights in accordance with the most up-to-date revisions in current legislation.

We offer the following services:

  • Document preparation and maintenance of the procedure for change in the category of agricultural land.
  • Document preparation and maintenance of the procedures for registration of land plots used for commercial use.
  • Preparation and analysis of documents, required for the privatization and support of real estate privatization procedures, including monitoring the passage of documentation through government agencies.

Intellectual Property

Selecting the most appropriate way to protect or transfer intellectual property rights depends on many factors. It must take into account not only the cost of priority measures, but also the long-term objectives of the enterprise. For example, it is often important to consider the impact of taxation issues and ensure the maximum investment attractiveness of a business.

Our experts, who have considerable experience with various aspects of the creation, protection and transfer of intellectual property rights, and who help customers from diverse industries, including; internet companies, publishers and software development companies, are efficient at quickly finding ways to resolve issues related to the application of the law protecting intellectual property.

We offer the following services to enable customers to choose the best method for protecting intellectual property rights:

  • Advice on the application of the laws protecting intellectual property.
  • Training and support for execution of contractual transfer of rights to intellectual property.
  • Preparation of other agreements related to the creation and use of intellectual property (e.g. licensing agreements, copyright agreements, confidentiality agreements, agreements to carry out Research & Development).
  • Legal advice for advertising campaigns.

Corporate Law

The current Russian and foreign corporate law allows for the fullest account of all business needs. Selection of the optimal organizational and legal structure for a business is an essential part of the strategy for any organization and very often determines the investment attractiveness, transparency and security of a business. Moreover, these legal and organizational structures are an important tool for tax optimization. Decisions taken at the time of establishing a business organization tend to have the most lasting impact.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the organization of corporate structures. Long-term practical experience, in addition to knowledge of all the features of corporate law, enable the preparation and conduct of all necessary legal measures for our clients, while taking into account all their current and long-term needs.

We offer the following services in the field of corporate law:

  • Registration and reorganization of enterprises and assistance in the design of licenses.
  • Legal support for the circulation of securities.
  • Transactions and contract counseling.

Labor Legislation

Every company is faced with challenges associated with the development and implementation of effective human resource management and associated policies. The efficient and productive work of organizations and the timely execution of personnel duties, depend on sophisticated and detailed instructions, regulations and rules drawn up by the employer. Furthermore, closely connected to this, the legal and tax issues are factors that significantly influence this decision-making process. At the same time, employers are often limited to drawing up a template for internal instructions and rules, or are liable to stipulate a large number of unnecessary or illegal provisions, which can further lead to systematic violations of the law.

Specialists at the law firm “Sotrudnichestvo” (Cooperation) utilize expertise and procedures in the application of existing provisions in the labor and tax laws, thereby helping customers address both individual tasks and participate in the implementation of complex projects related to the creation or reorganization of an enterprise’s personnel policy. Our jurisprudence enables us to consider all the nuances of the law and significantly reduce the legal and tax risks for our clients.

To effectively address the issues related to labor legislation, we offer the following service facilities:

  • Recommendations for the organization of internal labor schedules, staffing and preparation of employment contracts.
  • Consulting on issues of wages and other payments stipulated by collective and labor contracts, while optimizing taxation of these payments.
  • Counseling on benefits provided to employees.
  • Resolution of labor disputes in pre-trial and court procedures.
  • Appeal regulations, protocols and regulations (fines), administrative authorities, including courts.

Domestic relations law

The unique character of domestic relations requires a distinctive approach. It can not only be difficult to get a specific life situation resolved, but even impossible without professional assistance. Initially, the aim of a family lawyer is to fully understand and modify the relations between parties (marriage partners and family members) out of court.

If this is not possible, a family lawyer helps to represent the clients’ interests in court.

Our family lawyers help to solve the following questions in a correct and acceptable way:

  • Divorce case;
  • Property disputes on separation;
  • Future relations with the children after divorce (guardianship, care, residency, support and others);
  • Unemployable member of the family support (wife or husband);
  • Analysis of premarital agreements and formation of new premarital agreements.

Customs and Exchange Regulation

Foreign economic contracts are an important focus for many companies and organizations. In this case, apart from the various taxation issues, there is a need to have not only proper structures for transactions, but also preparation of a package of documents necessary to carry out foreign exchange transactions and customs clearance of goods.

Our specialists are skilled at assisting customers in solving problems related to currency regulations and the details of the custom’s legal requirements. Particular attention is paid to the selection and analysis of the effectiveness of proposed ways of solving problems, with details of the consequences liable in each method.

We offer the following services to help solve all the issues related to the design and maintenance of foreign economic contracts:

  • Legal support and documentation for foreign exchange and export-import operations.
  • Appropriate structuring of contracts, taking into consideration the currency of the Russian Federation legislation.
  • Advice on the customs regime, customs tariff classification of goods and advice on international transport.
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses for various activities within the customs field of influence.
  • Representation of clients in the development of custom schemas and classification decisions.
  • Judicial review of regulatory and non-regulatory acts of the customs authorities.

Bankruptcy Laws

It is no secret that the Russian arbitration court practice of bankruptcy law is quite controversial and contradictory. Legislation is not always used to adequately address the financial problems of enterprises and does not always reflect the interests of all stakeholders.

The lawyers of the law firm “Sotrudnichestvo” have experience of participating in a number of processes associated with the satisfaction of monetary and property claims of creditors’ institutions, which under external management and bankruptcy. Our specialists have procedures to minimize the risks associated with the possible insolvency of the counterparty, as well as the ability to solve the most contentious issues in pretrial orders.

To solve customer issues connected to bankruptcy cases, we offer the following services:

  • Representing clients in litigation and related to the return of bad debts.
  • Analysis of strategies, financial positions and business operations of companies that are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Legal support for insolvency and restitution.

Tax Law

At present the Russian fiscal system is complex, legal rules contain numerous contradictions and are not stable, and the actions of the tax authorities are often unpredictable. Therefore, to assess tax risk it is often necessary to have information, not only about the formal requirements of the existing legislation, but also take into account possible changes, as well as individual positions on controversial issues.

For the law firm “Sotrudnichestvo” tax practice is one of the major areas of activity. Many years of extensive national and international experience allow us to fully consider not only all the requirements of the Russian tax legislation, but other countries as well. In the most recent years, we have helped resolve problems associated with the intricate details of the application and implementation of Russian tax legislation.

Among our customers are companies operating in the field of finance and investment, power, transport, fuel and complex energy markets, plus a variety of other industries.

While having a broad and deep awareness of our customers, we use an integrated approach to analyze and find solutions for our clients in the field of tax legislation:

  • Legal examination of normative acts and the actions of tax authorities.
  • Optimization of taxation.
  • Management of tax disputes in the courts.
  • Assessment of tax risks when entering into legally binding contracts.
  • Consultation on the taxation of individuals’ income and liabilities.

Criminal law

Our lawyers provide a full range of services, protecting our clients against false claims, such as; baseless prosecution, criminal procedure or illegal activities carried out by investigative agencies, inquiry bodies and/or a procuracy. Choosing the right strategies, during the initial stage of any proceedings, reduces the risk of failure of the case and alleviates harm from any adverse effect(s).

  • law support for criminal proceedings on examination, investigation, pre-trial review and legal proceedings;
  • customer advocacy in the judiciary, investigating and state authorities, prosecution authorities and others;
  • appeal against an imposed pre-trial restraint;
  • visiting a person under investigation at pretrial detention center(s);
  • appeal of investigating officer(s) illegal action(s) in a prosecutor’s office and in court;
  • advice on criminal proceedings, legal analysis of circumstances, case papers for the purpose of avoiding our clients making incorrect judgements and taking miscalculated actions, and thus raising the prospect of successful outcome of a case;
  • extraction of evidence, necessary for dealing with the legal position and legal argumentation for a suspect, a defendant, and a convicted person;
  • considering and assessing the legal position of a person affected, a suspect, a defendant, a convicted person;
  • analyzing, assessing and filing a petition and other necessary service documentation with regard to a case.

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